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Please look at our Product selection at the top of the page to see the new and exciting products we are now carrying.


This website will be continually update and please come back often to look over our additions and changes.


We also have a user forum to ask simple questions as well as a contact page for service request.


Please use the service request portion to schedule a service call.


Each week we will try to find a new and exciting gadget or accessory for your PC or Wireless device and display it here. These will be things that are either cutting edge, or just things that we or our customers just cannot do without.



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We take pride in our company providing personalized service to our clients with over 16 years of Technology experience. Our goal is that you as a customer will benefit in savings and increased productivity.


Our offerings allow us to be of value to a small business with a single employee, or in some cases, provide entire technology services to larger enterprises.


With a personal hands on approach, you are our most important priority.


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